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Anonymous: When you think about it, Larry never got a chance. I mean, look at Jason Biggs, then look at Laura Prepon :D But seriously, Larry was sweet and understanding in the beginning and became more of douche as it progressed, but Alex seemed supportive. So yeah, Larry never got a chance. For example, in Imagine Me & You, you'd actually feel bad for Heck.



I wouldn’t say Larry never had a chance, and I’m not saying he’s a total and complete douche through and through. But it’s the mere fact that Piper and Larry do not belong together. They’re VERY…bad for each other. Larry doesn’t see Piper for what she is; flawed and manipulative and an asshat. He has this image of her (which is not completely his fault, because Piper tries to fit into this shell of another person that’s not her at all) and that’s the Piper he “loves.” But the real Piper? The selfish Piper? NOPE. 

And then he’s also not as saintly as he thinks he is either nor does he love Piper as much as he claims. He’s an opportunist. He watches Mad Men even though he says he wouldn’t. He wants his cake and he wants to eat it, too. He wants to be sweet and understanding but he also wants things his way. And notice how I don’t compare Larry to Alex, cause there’s no point. Even if Alex and Piper aren’t endgame, Piper and Larry just totally do not work at all and after about 2-3 episodes in, their relationship seems so calculated and like a facade.

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Anonymous: What do you think was behind Piper's definition of what love is to her? How do you think it refers to Alex, or Larry? Just wondering, I really value your opinions. (:


Well, she had that scene earlier in the episode, talking to Nicky, and she mentions that she lost both Larry and Alex (she has different epithets for them, but. Yeah.) and thus “doesn’t have a home anymore”.  So in that scene where she gives the definition, in Piper’s mind, I don’t think it refers to either of them specifically, just kind of a general sense of not belonging anywhere, not having anyone waiting.  

But, I mean, because I can’t help but view everything through my shipper goggles…Alex’s inclusion in that, as part of the reason Piper “doesn’t have a home anymore” is interesting.  Because with Larry, it’s meant literally. They shared a physical home, and when Piper tells Larry she wants to come home when she gets out, it’s as much about the house as it is about him.  Possibly more…she keeps talking about her stuff being there, etc.  Larry’s only like coming home in the most literal sense…they lived together, it’s as much her place as his, other than the fact that Piper now lives in prison (as she reminds us later on).  

But she does include Alex.  Which.  Is telling.  She and Alex don’t share a physical, literal home, haven’t in years and years and years.  But Piper’s definition of love always makes me think of a few things from season one:  her smelling Alex’s pillow like an adorable little stalker, like that smell is taking her back a decade, still familiar after all that time.  It makes me think of that line “It’s weird how normal this feels…I feel like I’m twenty-three and no time has passed.”  It makes me think of the all too brief time they were together and happy in Litchfield, the “I heart you” scene when Piper smiles at Alex like hr life couldn’t possibly be more perfect than it is in that moment, in spite of where they are.  Like.  Alex is the opposite of Larry in that sense:  her sense of home isn’t tethered to a physical location.  It’s not literal.  It’s a feeling Piper remembers from back when they were first together and in love.  it’s in the way they snap back to being important to each other because they still are, in the connection that never really went away.  

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This was the most upsetting scene for me in the whole season. Seeing how the prison administration threw Jimmy, a senile old woman, out on the street and left her to fend for herself, while disguising it as an act of mercy, is so fucked up. And the ones who care can’t do anything. I watched this scene over and over again with tears in my eyes; her cries for “Roberta” broke my heart and I’m just fucking sad.

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Anonymous: Pennsatucky is a variation on Pennsyltucky, which is usually used to mock the rural parts of Pennsylvania by comparing it to rural/eastern KY.


Oooh, great to know! 

A++ for geography trivia. :D

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Anonymous: Hi bae, I need your expertise. Can you guess how long piper and alex were together in season 2 episode 10 before Alex said I love you? I can't figure it out cause sylvie wouldn't still be raging and pissed at them if it wasn't awhile..but why would they say they love each other if it wasn't? Luv u long time bae


Heya hey bae bae. Ahaha I have zero expertise! I am yet another crazed fan such as yourself. ;)

I wouldn’t say it’s THAT long… My guess is about 2-3 months, 4 AT THE VERY MOST. There’s a little bit of a gap time between the bar scene and then the 2x10 sex opener since Alex was talking about how she was always seeing Piper around and liking her. And then there’s a tiny gap between that and the intense eye-sex at the bar. I’m guessing maybe they sneaked around for a little bit? And then Piper talks to Polly about it and the bag of shit comes. I think the raging thing just consisted of punching Piper and then the bag of shit? 

In the “I love you” scene, it starts off with Piper being worried about Sylvia and Alex said Sylvia had to rage in order to move on, so I’m guessing not a lot of time has passed since the ding-dong-doodoo. IN WHICH CASE, that does in fact lead us to the notion that Alex has said the three big words fairly early in their relationship. Maybe we ARE supposed to be a little shocked that Alex was the first to say it and to say it so soon. Maybe we ARE supposed to think that Alex dove head first, throwing caution into the wind. Maybe we ARE supposed to believe that Piper was different to Alex from the very beginning. Especially since the first episode where almost everyone screamed “WHAT THE FUCK ALEX.” Maybe we were supposed to see this other side of Alex, and start to slowly understand how she felt and how it lead to everything that’s happened. NOW IF ONLY WE CAN GET SOME ALEX BACK STORY WITHOUT THE EVER-PRESENCE OF PIPER. Alex is her own person, yes? It says a lot about a person and how she acts and what she says in the absence of the woman she claims she loves, yes? Also, I think we’re due for some background on Alex’s drug cartel shenanigans. 

Hope that helps, bae! Have a good day, bae!

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Anonymous: What's your opinion on pennsatucky after watching this season?


I never really hated her, though I did strongly dislike her. Mostly because I didn’t understand why she did some things, so I couldn’t rationalize her actions and find reason.

But season 2 really fleshed her out a bit, even with just a few scenes.

During season 1, her flashbacks show how she was a meth head, having unprotected sex, and getting several abortions. Tiffany…is intense. She is passionate in everything that she does. She does not half-ass, she whole-asses it, and that’s something that I kind of admire to a certain extent. Do meth? Nah, I’m gonna go hard. Someone disrespects me? I have to kill them. 

And it’s kind of wonderful, actually. Like Alex, she’s a survivor. She joins the winning team. She’s the House Frey of OitNB (sorry, GoT is tonight and yeah…..). And so a lawyer approaches you and says, “If you be our martyr, our propaganda, then I can get you significantly less time in a minimum security prison.” So you know what she does? Sprints down the path of God because she has benefited in the name of God, therefore she will love and serve Him and even kill for him. She’s passionate. And really fucking intense.

And so season 2 really opened my eyes to all of that because she is no longer benefiting from religion. She turns to Healy and counseling and group therapy because yes. She gets food. She gets special treatment. She gets to talk. She gets new teeth.

And then she moves onto “the gay agenda,” which I’m sure is an attempt to fit into another group/clique. You see, Pennsatucky is really fucking intense and has a LOT of passion. She always needs to direct it somewhere and she more or less doesn’t really care what direction it will take her. I also think she has a need to fit in somewhere and be a part of something. And when Leanne and Potato-face (Angie, but I can’t get over the potato line…) wasn’t having her anymore, she moves on. 

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If anybody has any metas or knows of any blogs who who do, please please submit them to me. I’m always on the lookout for more diversity.

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Anonymous: The thing I dislike about piper is her selfishness, she doesn't care about how the other member of the relationship feels, as long as she has got her secure future. I feel like all she wants is to be seen as a successful human being, and it was a shocked to her system when she found herself picking the danger (alex) over safety, no matter how dry and non-alexy her relationship was with larry, she still needed him, and that just goes to show how much of a ass (love u piper) she can be.


I have to disagree with almost everything that you just said… (Under the cut because TIP got carried away again…)

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Anonymous: I'm pretty sure Alex will hate Piper so much in the next season for either trying to save her or be with her. They're both assholes, they love and hate each other so much it hurts. I love and hate them :'( What do you think will happen to them when Alex is back to prison?


At this point, I don’t know if Alex would hate her? I think Alex would be angry and mad, but I don’t know about hate.

I think one thing that’s been established in the finale is that they CAN’T hate each other, as much as there are reasons to and as much as they want to. They literally cannot hate each other, and perhaps that’s the frustrating part sometimes.

I sometimes think they love each other so much that they almost hate each other for it? If that makes sense… In this world, I don’t know about soul mates or “The One,” but for them, it’s this indescribable force that keeps pushing them together. Inevitable. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, but ever since that visitation… For once, something seems concrete. 

"I know my track record is shit, but I really do love you."
"Yeah, well I hate you."
"No you don’t."
"No…No I don’t."

And JFC…FINALLY. It’s horrible and beautiful at the same time because… Because if they didn’t love each other, it would be so very easy to fucking walk away. And they know that… LOOK AT THEM. They’re upset, they’re pained. That’s not the face of sunshine when someone says “I love you.” That’s the face of defeat. Like, “Yes, fuck, I love you. And we are so fucked.” If Alex didn’t love Piper, she would already be on a flight and out of the country. If Piper didn’t love Alex, then she wouldn’t even allow Alex to visit her. If Piper didn’t love Alex, she would have just let her go flee the country. They’re constantly battling themselves against how they feel towards one another.

So no… I don’t think Alex would hate Piper, because at this point, inevitability wins. They can fight. They can be angry. But they are inevitable, no matter what way they take it. 

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